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NY & CT REO Experts

The key element to NY REO Experts’ success is the level of dedication and commitment of company employees to our clients. There is no property too small or too distressed for our team – all of our assets are getting treated equally, and there is no limit to the effort we will expend to get it sold. We combine local market expertise with state-of-the-art technology while supported by a team determined to get the job done. 

Our expert staff vacates, secures, maintains and markets Hudson Valley Region’s properties efficiently and effectively with due regard for people’s feelings while maximizing our clients’ profits and minimizing delays. We understand the full scope of REO services that are required, and we strive to provide each of them within the least amount of time.

  1. BPOs. We do reliable, well-documented drive-by or full interior Broker Price Opinions, with a 24-hour turn-around, if needed. When a listing is assigned, entry into Multiple Listing Services is also completed that same business day, assuring prompt exposure to the market.
  2. Electronic Reporting. Whatever your internal or preferred vendor system, we will utilize the full range of technological advances to make your tracking and verifications as “real time” and paperless as possible.
  3. Access. We will meet appraisers, inspections professionals, and cleaning personnel you designate. Don’t know whom to call? We maintain a list of reputable, reasonably priced service providers and vendors. We will also ensure that all services are 100% completed and inspected for quality.
  4. Evictions. When you have the added challenge of an occupied property, we will professionally manage the eviction proceedings and work with your legal counsel to effect the unlawful detainer hearings. If cash-for-keys is the best approach, we will handle the details.
  5. Utilities payments. We are capitalized to pay for necessary utilities and process the records properly for reimbursement utilizing invoicing/accounting system as per your guidelines.
  6. Estimates. If repairs or renovations are recommended and authorized, you can depend upon us to get market-rate estimates from experienced, reliable contractors and trade-workers. With your approval, we will oversee and fund the proper completion of all work, including obtaining permits and certificates of occupancy to ensure full compliance with all local ordinances.
  7. Documentation. All work orders will include digital photographs of before-and-after views relevant to the jobs. Detailed expense statements will be submitted in a timely manner for reimbursment.
  8. Quality Assurance. Of course, quality control at every stage of every phase is included. We are constantly improving and we want you to be confident that all work will be completed to your satisfaction.

Our Scope of Services

Occupancy - Same day occupancy checks, weekly reporting
CFK (Cash-for-keys) - Aggressive negotiation with occupants in effort to save the Client from having to evict
Eviction - Cooperation & coordination with Sheriffs' Departments if needed
Loss Mitigation - Mortgagor negotiation and deed-in-lieu assistance
Rekey - Coordination of contractor using client-specific key codes & lockbox combos
Secure - Assuring that all properties are secured with no possibility of entry other than a keyed entry
BPO (for REO and 3rd Party Providers) - Drive-bys and interiors performed quickly and efficiently by our dedicated BPO department.
MSRs - Timely monthly status reports with up-to-date information on new comparables and showing feedback
Negotiation - All offers negotiated using client-directed offer communication method
Closing Coordination - Pending transactions thoroughly managed for timely closings
Trash out - Management and inspection
Landscaping - Oversight of all lawn maintenance and landscaping per Client guidelines
Repairs and Rehabs - Extensive contractor database with 5-day turnaround for Bids. Management during repair process; inspection upon completion
Communication - State-of-the-art technology for up-to-the-minute Client needs
Customer Base- Large pools of buyers, agents, and investors  - comprehensive oversight of buyers' lender and agent
Dedicated Departments - Pre-marketing, listing coordination, offer negotiation, closing, 3rd Party BPOs
Information Technology - Customized online system developed specifically for REO management & sales
Showings - Buyer's agent's licensed under our Firm available in all areas serviced