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Once offer guidelines and addendum instructions are reviewed and acknowledged by clicking ”Submit” button you will be directed to TazaHomes, where you will input details of your offer and upload required documents as PDF files. is a free service that provides a more user-friendly approach to entering/negotiating and managing offers. Incomplete offers can be saved and edited anytime and once submitted no changes can be made. If you never registered in TazaHomes, then registration will be required in order to submit an offer. Please be advised that you can submit an offer through this site only on selected properties. Some banks require submission of an offer directly through their designated portal. Please review agent remarks of the MLS listing and submit offer through appropriate website.


How To Register in TazaHomes
  • Enter information
  • Leave Referral Information blank
  • Check Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Register as an Agent
  • General Tab: All fields marked with * are mandatory
  • Agent/Broker Details Tab: Agents should enter their license number as well as their Broker’s license number for commissions and invoices
  • Skip Documents Tab
  • Click on Save


How To Register in TazaHomes Video
How To Submit an Offer in TazaHomes

Important details to prepare:

Please check required documents (if available).

For Financed Offers - Please be advised Lender Information is a requirement. Please add on Contacts Tab by clicking on Create New Contact.

Buyer’s Attorney to be added on the Contacts Tab as well.

Include inspection days on Offer Notes

  • Go to
  • Click on Submit Offers
  • Type in property address
  • Click on Search
  • Click on Submit Offer
  • Click on Listing Docs to check required documents
  • Click on Submit Offer
  • Click on Next
  • Enter Buyer's Name
  • Enter Offer Price then Click on Next
Buyer Information:
  • Make sure to use buyer(s) legal full names, including middle initials if applicable. Spell names correctly and enter them in the correct fields (first name, initial and last name). If there are more than three buyers, enter all additional buyers’ information in the notes section below making sure to use their legal names and that spelling is correct as well.
  • Even though there are fields buyer’s phone number and email, if you don’t feel comfortable providing this information you can enter your own.
  • Expiration Date - Set a week or two from offer submission date
  • Earnest Money - Down at Contract should not be 0
  • Additional Deposit - Cash at Closing
  • Please add Inspection Days on Offer Notes
  • Other section is self-explanatory
  • Click on Next
Enter Concessions if Applicable:
  • Concession Type click on the drop down and select. (If you are asking for seller’s concession, concession amount must be included in the total offer amount.)
  • Enter amount
  • Enter notes if needed
  • Click on Add Concession then Click on Next
Contingencies (if applicable)
  • Contingency Type click on the drop down and select
  • Enter notes if needed
  • Click on Add Contingency then Click on Next

Contacts - Input Lender Information for Financed Offers and Buyer’s Attorney Information.

  • To enter contact information click on Create New Contact
  • Enter Buyer’s Attorney Information then click on Save
  • Create New Contact for Lender Information (If Applicable) Same process then Save
  • Once all contacts are added click on Next to proceed to Documents Tab

Documents - Please upload documents separately.

Documents - needed to be uploaded with offer: Please note deposit check is proof of down payment and not an actual check.
*Important: *Personal information such as Bank Account Number, Social Security Number, and other additional personal information should be crossed out.

Documents needed for Financed Offers:

  1. Purchase Offer
  2. Pre-approval/Pre-qualification Letter
  3. Proof of Down Payment funds

Documents needed for Cash Offers:

  1. Purchase Offer
  2. Proof of Funds
  3. Earnest Money Check - (Proof of Down Payment, not a check)
  • Select the document you need to upload from your Computer
  • Click on the drop down to select Document Type
  • Click on Upload
  • Once all documents are uploaded click on Next

Submit Offer - Please make sure all data is accurate, you will not be able to make changes once an offer is submitted

  • Click on Submit
  • Click on OK -
    • Agents will then receive an offer confirmation via email
  • Click on Offers I submitted to check incomplete/submitted offers.
  • On your email confirmation, you may view your offer directly on by clicking Click Here beside View Offer Detail


Submitting an Offer in TazaHomes Video
Submitting Counter Offer in TazaHomes
  • You will receive an email from TazaHomes that your offer has been countered
  • You can either review counter offer via email or go directly to from your email by clicking “Click Here” beside View Offer Detail
  • Please take note of the changes that has been made for changes won’t be highlighted
  • Carefully review changes that were made on the offer and Scroll Down to view Concessions/Contingencies when applicable.
  • To counter Seller’s Counter Offer click on My Dashboard
  • Click Offers I Submitted
  • Check property address
  • Check offer by Seller
  • Click on Action
  • Select Counter
  • Enter counter offer amount then Click on Next
  • Enter changes
  • Click on Save
  • Click on Next
  • Go through each tab if there are changes to be made
  • Once on Submit Tab click on Submit Offer located below


Submitting Counter Offer in TazaHomes Video
Submitting Highest and Best Offer
  • Agents will be notified via email regarding Highest and Best offers
  • Keep in mind due date for deadline of submission and documents that need to be included with the offer
  • Go to
  • Click on Offers I submitted
  • Click on Action
  • Select Duplicate (NOT COUNTER) - No counter was given by Seller so there is no amount to counter back
  • Enter Highest and Best
  • Enter changes on each tab if applicable
  • Upload documents on the Documents Tab (Multiple Offer Disclosure form is a must)
  • Select document from your computer
  • Click on the drop down to select Document Type
  • Click Upload
  • Click Next
  • Review Highest and Best Offer
  • Click Submit Offer
  • Once Submitted you will get an email notification that Highest and Best has been sent


Submitting Highest and Best Offer in TazaHomes Video
Accepting Offer in TazaHomes
  • Agent will receive a counter offer notification via email. Once Buyer agrees to all terms you can either click on the Click Here option on your email or go to to accept
  • On
  • Go to Agent Dashboard
  • Click on Offers I Submitted
  • Click on Action
  • Select Accept
  • Click on OK to confirm


Accepting Offer in TazaHomes Video
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer and buyer's agent to verify all information provided pertaining to the property.
  • The Contract of Sale is for real property. Any personal property found in the structure or on the parcel is not guaranteed by the seller and should not be included in the contract. Remember, this is an “AS-IS” sale.
  • Response times to your offers will vary depending on our client. Wait times can be as little as one day and as long as two weeks. Please be assured that when we have any communication from the client regarding your offer, we will communicate it to you. Updates on your offers are requested via e-mail only with all inquiries sent to Please include the property address, buyer name, and your name (Agent).
  • Seller will not provide a written Letter of Rejection. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be made by the listing office. Seller also reserves the right to accept the offer of their choice, regardless of the order in which it was received.
  • Negotiations are via TAZAHOMES. Once an offer is accepted an addendum will be sent to you for completion. The addendum and all supporting documents as required by the seller must be returned by the date indicated on the addendum. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Our clients require their addendums to be a clean copy (this means no additional verbiage, words crossed, blotted out, or any form of alteration to the addendums). If you have negotiated other terms such as additional closing costs that are not covered on the bank addenda, you may add an additional addendum.
  • Sale price, inspection dates, closing dates, and earnest money must match on both contract and addendum. DO NOT send in contracts and addendum with conflicting values. Complete contract and addendum must be returned by the date indicated on the addendum. Contracts with conflicting values or incomplete information will be rejected.
  • Buyer and buyer's agent understand that delays can be caused that are outside of the seller's control, such as the filing of the sheriff's deed, point of sale inspection etc. Under such circumstances, as it is throughout contract acceptance to close, no repairs or alterations are to be made to the property. A notification to the listing agent must be made for every showing. Buyer's agent must be present at all showings.
  • Seller will make no repairs to the property unless it was negotiated in the offer. It is the responsibility of the buyer and the buyer's agent to ensure that all deadlines are met with regards to financing and inspection contingencies. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in the loss of earnest money. The property is sold AS-IS. Remember, the seller will make no repairs unless they are lender required repairs.

 I am a licensed Real Estate Agent submitting and offer on behalf of a buyer client.  I have read and understand the offer submission process.